How do i log out of a netflix account

Once you have signed in to Netflix on any device, it would remember your sign-in details automatically the next time you access it. But what if you want to switch accounts because you changed your email or simply because you are no longer friends with someone? Well, don’t worry! It’s easy to sign out of the Netflix account.

In this article, I have created a step-by-step guide to help you sign out of your Netflix account on iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, and TV. Additionally, if you want to stop sharing your Netflix account with someone else, I have also included the steps for the same. Read along to find out.

Note: Instead of signing out, if you want to cancel your Netflix subscription, we have already covered that for you!

How to sign out of Netflix on iPhone, iPad, and Android

Note: The steps to sign out of the Netflix app are the same. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the Netflix app on your device.
  2. Select your profile.
    If your plan has only one account, you won’t see this screen.
  3. Now, tap your profile picture at the top right.
  4. Tap Sign out at the bottom.
  5. Hit Yes to confirm.

    How do i log out of a netflix account

Sign out of Netflix on smart tv

The steps to sign out of Netflix on smart tv are the same for Chromecast, Fire TV Stick, and game consoles. To sign out:

  1. Open Netflix.
  2. Go to Menu.
  3. Now, click Get help at the bottom right.
  4. Select Sign out.
  5. Confirm again.

While you are navigating through the menu, you may see Reload Netflix and Exit Netflix options, which are not related to the sign-out option. They simply reload and exit the app, respectively.

💡 Tip: Did you know that you can mirror Netflix from iPhone to smart tv? Well, we do, and if you want to know how, give it a read!

How to logout of Netflix from a browser

  1. Visit the Netflix website.
  2. Select your profile.
  3. Hover the mouse pointer over your profile icon.
  4. Click Sign out of Netflix.
  5. Now, hit Go now to confirm.

    How do i log out of a netflix account

Remove Netflix account from all the devices at once

Yes, Netflix gives you the option to log out from all the devices at once. All you have to do is:

  1. Either visit the Netflix website or open the app on your iPhone or Android device.
  2. Select your Profile → Account.
  3. Scroll down and select Sign out of all devices.
  4. Now, select Sign out to confirm.

    How do i log out of a netflix account

You will be logged out from all other screens except the one you are currently using. But are there any ways to log out from one specific device while keeping the rest without accessing it? Let’s find out.

Can I log out of Netflix on one device?

Unfortunately, Netflix hasn’t provided the option to remotely log out of your account from a specific device. While you can use the sign out of all devices option, if they know your password, they can still access your account unless you change the password. Read along to know how to do it.

Change Netflix password

  1. Open Netflix → Account → Change password.
  2. Type your current password and new password.

    How do i log out of a netflix account
  3. After confirming your new password, select Save.

You can enable Require all devices to sign in again with the new password to prevent someone from using your Netflix ID.


Q. How do I switch Netflix accounts on my iPhone?

If you want to switch accounts, you have to sign out from your Netflix account and then sign in with another ID. Other than that, if you are planning to switch profiles, tap your profile icon and select the profile you want to change.

Q. Why can’t I log in to Netflix on iPhone?

Either you are not connected to a working internet or someone might have changed your Netflix account password. You can restore the password through your email ID.

Q. How to kick people off your Netflix account?

The best way to virtually kick someone off your Netflix account is by changing its password and by enabling Require all devices to sign in again with the new password option.

Other than that, you can go to their place, kick them, and sign out your Netflix ID from their device(s). But be prepared for the after-effects you will face. Since I’m a person who prefers peace over war, I would suggest kicking them virtually.

That’s it!

This is how you can sign out of Netflix on your iPhone, iPad, PC, and Android devices. This guide might come in handy if Netflix finally restricts devices from signing in if they exceed the screen limit per account subscription.

What do you think of this bold move by Netflix? Would you still continue using it or switch to its alternatives? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

How do I sign out of someone's Netflix account?

The option to log out is hidden in a menu that's also somewhat hidden..
Open Netflix on your TV and select any of your profiles..
Once the Netflix homepage loads, press Left on your remote to open the sidebar..
Scroll down and select Get Help..
On the page that opens, scroll down to the bottom and select Sign out..

How do I log out of Netflix on a device?

How to log out of Netflix using a mobile device.
Launch the Netflix app on your smartphone..
In the lower right corner, select the "More" icon. The "More" icon is located in the lower right corner. ... .
At the bottom of the screen, select "Sign Out." Click "Sign Out." ... .
In the pop-up window, select "Yes" to sign out of the app..